Yankee Pot Roast
The natural gravy off this roast is great!
  1. Beef Bottom Round or Rump Roast 3-4 lbs
  2. Vegetable oil 1/4 cup
  3. Salt, pepper, granulated garlic 2 tsp each
  4. Carrots, ½ inch diced 1 cup
  5. Onions, ½ inch diced 1 cup
  6. Water 2 cups
  7. Tomatoes, diced 12 oz can
  8. Allspice 1/4 tsp
  9. Vinegar 3 tbsp
  10. Salt & pepper 1/4 tsp each
  11. Thyme 1/8 tsp or 2 pinches
  12. Water, cold 3/4 cup
  13. Flour, A.P. 1/3 cup
  1. Rub seasoning into beef. In a Dutch oven or pot with a tight fitting lid, over medium heat, add oil to pan, sear beef on all side.
  2. Add water to pan; Deglaze pan by scraping the bottom of the pot. Remove from stove and add the remaining ingredients.
  3. Place tightly fitting lid on pot , Braise by cooking for 2 - 2-1/2 hours or until fork tender.
  4. Remove beef from pot, let stand 10- 15 minutes before slicing.
  5. Meanwhile (back at the pot) Degrease the stock by removing the fat that is flowing on top.
  6. Place stock back on burner, bring to a boil. Add flour to water, mix well, add to stock and let simmer 5 minutes, serve over roast.
  1. You can prepare this dish in the crock pot. Sear meat , add remaining ingredients and beef to crock pot and follow manufacturers instructions.
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