Hi Iím Chef David Lee. Bishop (Chef Dave) and I would like to take the time to welcome you to my website.

This site was created with the purpose of sharing my passion for cooking with those that love to cook and those that would like to learn.

I have tried to make the site interesting, with easy to understand recipes, instructional videos,  restaurant listings and, of course, bakeries.

I encourage you to put fromthecheftoyou.com on your desk top, making it your first stop for delicious recipes, videos, fun and interesting information.  
Cookin' & Teachin'
Chef Dave

BEEF'N-UP Your Dinner Plate E-Book

After many years of research and contacting publishing companies my beef book is finally published and ready for people to enjoy!
Unlock the mystery of the beef counter by using the BEEF"N-UP your dinner plate e-book.  A step by step guide to understanding how to cook and enjoy every beef cut offered in your local beef counter.

The book can be found a many e-book stores such as Amazon and Barnes & Nobles  The easiest way to get e-book will be to click on the website below.  This will take you to my publishers bookstore. (It's that easy) JUST $ 3.99


Please go to BEEF"N-UP Your Dinner Plate on facebook and like this page.

Thanks for your continual support!
Chef Dave

Hushpuppy Dispenser

If you like hushpuppies, you will love this machine.  Make hushpuppies quick and uniform! Please check out the "Jesse Quick Drop" Hushpuppy dispenser!  Only $15.00  FREE SHIPPING!!

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YES! It's Final Coming

I have a web designer working on a BRAND NEW WEBSITE.  Same name just
a much improved site. MORE COLOR, MORE RECIPES, MORE VIDEOS, RECIPES SEARCH ENGINE, RECIPE/VIDEO COMMENT SECTION.  Hoping to have it up and running March 31, 2014.  Thank you for your continual support of the website!

From The Chef To You, 2014