Hi I’m Chef David Lee Bishop (Chef Dave), welcome to From The Chef To You! I’ve created this site to share my passion for cooking with those that love to cook and those that would like to learn. When you take a look around From The Chef To You, you’ll find easy to understand recipes, instructional videos, restaurant listings and, of course, bakeries. I encourage you to bookmark fromthecheftoyou.com, making it your first stop for delicious recipes, videos, fun and interesting information.

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Chef Dave

More About Me

I have been in the food business since 1975. This has been my passion and life’s ambition and have enjoyed every day of it. I am originally from Palmyra, NY, and I attended Wayne County BOCES in High School and Johnson & Wales Culinary School in 1979-80, receiving an A.S. degree in Culinary Arts. I have prepared a lot of meals in my day, getting close to 3 million meals by now (if I was keeping track).