Hi I’m Chef David Lee Bishop (Chef Dave), welcome to From The Chef To You! I’ve created this site to share my passion for cooking with those that love to cook and those that would like to learn. When you take a look around From The Chef To You, you’ll find easy to understand recipes, instructional videos, restaurant listings and, of course, bakeries. I encourage you to bookmark fromthecheftoyou.com, making it your first stop for delicious recipes, videos, fun and interesting information.

Cookin’ & Teachin’
Chef Dave

More About Me

I have been in the food business since 1975. This has been my passion and life’s ambition and have enjoyed every day of it. I am originally from Palmyra, NY, and I attended Wayne County BOCES in High School and Johnson & Wales Culinary School in 1979-80, receiving an A.S. degree in Culinary Arts. I have prepared a lot of meals in my day, getting close to 3 million meals by now (if I was keeping track).

What I love most about the food service business is people–making people happy when they get a good tasting and well presented meal. After that, catering and teaching run neck and neck. Every catering job is different, every event is like working a new job, and it never gets boring. Teaching is an opportunity to share the knowledge I’ve obtained and enlightening someone else, which I truly enjoy.

I have held many jobs over the years as I tried to improve through new challenges, finding what was best for the family and fulfilling my goals.

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

Short order cook

Coffee house attendant

Marine Corp Cook

Company Chef

Kitchen Manager

Cook Foreman

Cook Supervisor

Culinary Arts Instructor


Restaurant Owner

I Stand With Jesus Christ

It is a privilege to share my testimony and the never ending love of Jesus Christ with you. You may be thinking that, why doesn’t he stick to cooking and sharing his recipes and leave his beliefs to himself. My response is that I am doing what the bible has taught me, sharing the good news. I get my guidance from Christ and trust him to walk with me though out my day My joy and peace of mind come from a daily walk with Christ.

I Believe…

God is the creator of this world
Genesis 1:1
Jesus is the son of God
John 10:30
Jesus was born of a virgin
Matthew 1:18
Jesus died on the cross for every mans sins
John 3:16
He rose again on the three day
Mark 16:6
Jesus is sitting today on the right hand of God
Mark 16:19
Heaven and hell are real
John 14:1-3 & 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9
Jesus is the only way
John 14:6
The Holy Spirit lives in those that except Christ as their savior
Acts 1:5

Why do I believe that it is true? Because the Bible told me so. I believe the Bible is true cover to cover, word by word and is written by chosen men that were led by the Holy Sprit to record God’s word.

I accepted Christ as my savior a June 1973 and have tried my best to be a faithful servant for him with my time and energy, sharing his word and caring for others.

How To Accept Christ as Savior

How do I become a Christian? It’s as easy as your ABC’s:
Admit that you’re a sinner.
Believe that Jesus is God’s Son.
Confess your sins and ask Jesus into your heart.

Will you ask Jesus into your heart today? Just pray this prayer (and truly mean it), and you will be saved:

Dear God, I realize that I’m a sinner and I can’t save myself. I believe you sent your Son Jesus to die on the cross to take the penalty of my sins. I ask Jesus now to come into my life and save my soul, and guide and direct my life from this point on as my Lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Thank You Clean Talk

Since I started my website in 2014 I was bombarded with spam. Many looking very legit and hard to tell if they were real comments. I was referred to CLEAN TALK by my web-designer. Wow! what a difference, no spam at all. Since I have used CLEAN TALK they have blocked over 5086 spam messages, 44 in the last 3 days. They make my site worry-free and it allows me to freely respond to comments from my readers.


Chef Dave