Have You Been Here

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HEY! COME SHARE WITH US! On your travels with friends and/or family or just out by yourself, have you ever visited a store, museum, an attraction, motel, park, restaurant, planned or unplanned that just was outstanding. One of those places that you couldn’t wait to tell someone about. Well this is your chance. We at fromthecheftyou.com would like to hear from you about these places. With your post you can allow others to experience these wonderful places. We call it “HAVE YOU BEEN HERE?”

Here at fromthecheftoyou.com we know how you feel. Chef Dave and his wife went on a trip in the spring of 2017 and had the privilege to visit a lot of fun and interesting places. While they were on the trip, they said we need to share these places with our readers for others to experience. At first they were going to share only places where they had been, but thought it would be better to open the review to their readers also. With that said, we are asking for you to share your experiences. Write a few words and add a photo about that special places you have been that you want to share with others. These reviews will be divided into states, then into categories that will make it easy for readers to read and possibly check them out on their next outing.