Sheldon Church was first completed in 1753 and was then known as Prince William’s Parish Church.
Old Sheldon Church Rd, Yemassee, SC 29945
On 4 acres
Greek Revival architecture
Added to the Nation Registry of Historic Places in October 22, 1970

I am writing what was written on the signs and stone plaque located on the site. I also looked up the church before going and have a few facts from the web. Before I share the facts, let me give you my comments. A rememberble place, very quiet, peaceful place, located on a 2 lane road out in the county, surrounded by woods. The Construction for the mid 1750”s is outstanding, the brick work and columns are an architectural creation. Surrounded by oak tree with Spanish moss, gives it some of it’s southern charm. A 10-20 minute visit, parking across the street.
One of the first Greek-Revival structures built in the United States, Prince William’s Parish Church, erected 1745-55, was once one of the most impressive churches in the Province. During the Revolution, the Patriots are believed to have stored gun powder in it. In 1779, when the British General Augustine Prevost invaded the Low country, the church was burned by a detachment which according to tradition, was commanded by the flamboyant local Tory, Andrew Deveaux. Rebuilt in 1826, the church was again burned by Sherman’s men in 1865.