Roasted Turkey

Roasted or Grilled Turkey
I like to cook the turkey on the grill. This gives me room to cook the rest of the meal.
  1. hole turkey , fresh or thawed 1 ea
  2. ( 10 to 12 pound average)
  3. Lemon pepper As needed
  4. Granulated or powder garlic As needed
  5. Salt As needed
  6. Butter, melted 1/2 cup
  7. Pepper, white or black As needed
  8. Celery, 3 inch sticks 8- 10 sticks
  9. Onions, peeled, halved 2 small
  1. Wash turkey very well, inside and out, let drain Rub turkey inside and out with butter. Sprinkle lemon pepper, garlic, salt and pepper lightly on outside and in the cavity of the turkey. Place celery and onions inside of the cavity.
  2. Place in a sturdy pan, place 1 inch of water ,add giblets and neck in the water around the bird
  3. Roasting: Bake in the oven, covered, 1 hour for every 4 lbs of meat you have. Uncover the last 30 minutes to allow the turkey to brown.
  4. Grilling : place on medium heated grill, follow the same procedures as roasting. You can add different wood chips in the grill to change the flavor.