liquid smoke
Liquid smoke is a smoke flavored water that can be used in many
different dishes. The most popular and easiest flavor to find is
Hickory smoke. Hickory smoke can be found in almost all
grocery stores, located with the ketchup and barbecue sauces.
Other flavors include mesquite and apple, they can be found in
some local grocery stores, speciality shops and on the internet.
Most brands of liquid smoke are all natural, no sodium,
preservatives, sugars or artificial colors. Liquid smoke is also
low in calories, making a guilt free choice.
Liquid smoke may be used in marinades, sauces, soups and stews.
It will change the taste of the food by giving it a grilled flavor
without using a grill. Remember that you do not have to use a lot
of smoke in your recipe. The flavor is strong, just remember ”A
little dab will do ya”. As you use it more you will learn how
much you can use in each dish.
Have a gas grill !, give it a charcoal flavor by putting a few drops
of liquid smoke on the lava rocks before lighting. If you are slow
cooking on the grill place an aluminum pan on the grill with
water and a little smoke.
Make sure you keep the lid on tight, so the liquid will not
evaporate out. Liquid smoke is shelf stable meaning you can keep
it in the cabinet.
A spritz of smoke: Keep a bottle filled with a mixture of smoke
and water to spray on foods while cooking, broiling or roasting.