Hot Dog Chili Sauce
This is a large recipe for some, just bag and freeze for later.
  1. Lean ground beef 2 lbs
  2. Chili powder 3 Tbsp
  3. Black pepper 1 tsp
  4. Salt 1 tsp
  5. Flour A.P. 4 Tbsp
  6. Tomato sauce 1- 14 oz can
  7. Water 2 cups
  1. Brown ground beef, drain any fat.
  2. Add dry ingredients, mix well.
  3. Add tomato sauce and water, cook 10 minutes at medium heat.
  1. Freezes well !
  2. This recipe varies slightly from my cooking video "hot Dog Chili" The recipe is doubled from the video. on the video I use 8 oz of tomato sauce, when doubled I use only 14 oz, or one can. (it is easier not to have to open another can for the two ounces. The recipe come out just as good.
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