Grilled Asparagus

Grilled Asparagus
This is a great recipe to go on the grill. What a good flavor!! Please check out this cooking video "Grilled Asparagus"
  1. 10-12 each Fresh asparagus
  2. 2 Tbsp BUTTER
  3. 1/2 Fresh lemon, juiced
  4. 1-2 pinches GRANULATED GARLIC
  5. as needed SALT & PEPPER
  1. Wash and peel asparagus if needed. Place on foil sheet.
  2. Sprinkle light with salt and pepper and garlic; drizzle butter and lemon juice.
  3. Loosely fold foil over asparagus. Grill on a 300F-350 F grill for 15- 20.
  1. I like to place the asparagus on the cooler area of the grill while cooking my steak or chicken.
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