choc and cocoa
This is a subject that is very hard to talk about in such a small
space, even several articles could not even get us started. I
thought that we could talk a little about chocolates that we use
and enjoy at Christmas.
Almond bark: is a vanilla flavored candy coating. The block is
an artificial chocolate made with vegetable oil instead of cocoa
butter. Colorings and flavors are added to give it flavor. You can
purchase almond bark in most supermarkets and candy making
stores. Almond bark can be found as chocolate almond bark
(most popular), white chocolate, and dark chocolate. This is a
very popular alternative to higher priced real chocolate. Almond
bark is the most common used chocolate to make holiday candy
by home cooks.
Chocolate Morsels : You can get morsels in many forms,
artificial, real morsels with (cocoa butter). Semi sweet, milk
chocolate, dark, butterscotch, white, strips, etc. Most all have a
great flavor. Hershey chocolates, know as chocolate chips are
made with real cocoa butter and can be used for candy making.
Other chocolate morsels are available from several chocolate
manufactures. The prices very greatly based on flavors and cocoa
butter content.
Bulk Chocolate: These chocolates are similar to the chocolate
morsels but can be found as large bars, 5-10 lbs and in large 2-5
lb bags.
Unsweetened chocolate squares: is a real chocolate with cocoa
butter with no sugar added in the manufacturing process.
Unsweetened chocolate squares are known as baking chocolate
and are usually found in 1 oz portions, for baking. This is a great
chocolate for baking icings, pies and cakes but is not usually used
for candy making.
Cocoa Powder: is the solid mass left behind when chocolate
liquor is pressed to extract most of the cocoa butter. Hershey and
Nestles cocoa powder is the most popular and recognized name
by most U.S. customers.