fettuccine Alfredo

Traditional Fettuccine Alfredo
I have some helpful tips that will help make this recipe great! Let’s talk a minute before we start. The process that we use for making this dish is very important. We want the sauce to finish at or close to the time the noodles are ready. ** Get all your ingredients assembled first ** Start your water, bring to a boil - Fresh pasta make the sauce, drop the noodles (2 -3 minutes) - Dry noodles, start the noodles, prepare the sauce ( 12 - 15 minutes)
  1. Fettuccine noodles, dry 1 lb
  2. Salt 1 tsp
  3. Butter 1/2 cup
  4. Garlic, granulated or minced 2 tsp
  5. Heavy cream 2 cups
  6. Parmigiano cheese, block, grated 5 ounces (3 cups)
  7. Pepper, black or white (white-best) 1/4 tsp, or to taste
  8. Parsley, chopped, fresh or dry 1 tsp (optional