lemons 3
The chemical composition of lemons provide a natural defense
against infection internally and externally. Juice from lemons
help to stimulate the development of white corpuscles, improving
the body’s ability to defend itself against infection.
For colds and sore throats:
Lemon juice is excellent for colds and sore throats. It’s vitamin C
levels help boost the immune system and its astringent and
antiseptic qualities nurture the body’s healing capabilities. For
the throat, drinking tea with lemon and honey relaxes and soothes
the throat, while relieving a cough. The anti-viral properties of
lemons also help us recover from the flu. Combine lemon juice
and honey in hot water and drink.
For the digestion:
Drink lemon juice with water in the morning or any time during
the day.
Insect bites:
Dab a little lemon juice on the bite to help healing and reduce
swelling. Source: www.lemonflower.com/health