Lo Mein
Have you ever eaten a lo mein dish and wondered where it got its
name. Lo mein is a Chinese dish with noodles. Mostly found mixed
with a variety of fresh vegetables and some type of meat, such as
chicken, beef, shrimp, pork. The word Lo comes from the Cantonese
“lou ” meaning “ to stir”. Mein or Mian is the Cantonese word for
“ noodles” Hence – Lo Mein “ stirred noodles” Most Lo Mein
prepared in American Chinese cuisine uses a thin wheat noodle that is
cooked al dente”. More traditional dishes use a Chinese egg noodle,
made of wheat flour either pre-made and dried (commercially sold) or
prepared fresh. Rice noodles made from rice flour are also popular in
traditional Chinese lo mien and is available at many Asia markets. In
America, Lo Mein is a popular dish of choice for Chinese take-out.
Most dishes are prepared with cooked, softened noodles, a sauce made
of soy sauce, corn starch, sugar and other seasonings. The dish will
take on the name of the main ingredient stirred into the noodles, such
as Beef Lo Mein, Chicken Lo Mein, Shrimp Lo Mein, etc. There are 3
Asian sauces or oils that are popular to use in making Lo Mien.
Popular Sauces & oils used in Chinese cooking
Hoisin sauce– – a cooking & dipping sauce made of spices, sugar, soy beans
Sesame seed oil – oil from sesame seed, rich roasted nut flavor
Plum sauce – a cooking & dipping sauce made of plums, sugar and spices


Lo Mein – is a fairly healthy dish, watch out for too much salt in the
soy sauce. Choose lean , quick cooking meats, use lots of vegetables.