chicken broth
No chicken broth is not an over the counter medicine but has a
lot of health benefits. Bone broth(those broths using bone to
render flavor) can be considered the first nutritional
“supplement”. Broths are a concentrated source of vitamins,
minerals, glucosamine, and other substances that promote
healing and stave off sickness. Nutrients is broth support bones,
joints, digestion, immunity, and overall healing.
There’s an old South American proverb, “ Good broth will
resurrect the dead”. Some of the main players in a properly
made broth are minerals, such as calcium, magnesium,
phosphorus and silicon. Another main player is gelatin,
naturally found in bone broths. Gelatin is what make broth
congeal when cooled. Gelatin is not a complete protein, but
allows the body to more fully utilize proteins.