A high plateau in the Andean Mountains of South America is the birthplace
of the “Irish white potato that we eat today. The plateau, known today as
the Titicaca Plateau, stretches across part of countries of Peru and Bolivia.
When the Spanish Conquistadors didn’t fine the gold and silver they were
looking for in the late 1400’s and early 1500’s, they quickly cornered the
local potato market. Potatoes were soon a standard supply item on their
The Spanish noticed that the sailors who ate papas (potatoes) did not suffer
from scurvy. Scurvy is a disease associated with too little vitamin C in the
diet. Potatoes have a lot of vitamin C; easily preventing scurvy.
Source: www.potatoes.com
Potatoes are the most popular vegetable. Served steamed, baked, stewed,
fried and scalloped, just to name a few. Potatoes are classified according to
their starch content..
Waxy or new potatoes : High moisture content, usually small and round,
some varieties can be large and elongated in shape, Flesh is white, yellow, or
even blue or purple. Holds its shape will when cooked, firm moist texture.
Russets or Idaho potatoes: long, regularly shaped potatoes with slightly
rough skin. Ideal for baking . Best potato for French fries.
All-purpose potatoes: (sometimes called chef potatoes)
Not always as dry as russets. Irregularly shaped, less expensive than russet.
Suitable for most purposes but baking. Especially useful for pureeing and
mashed potatoes and other production where uniform shape and size is not
Check for quality:
1. Firm and smooth, not soft or shriveled
2. Dry skin, shallow eyes
3. No sprouts, sprouting potatoes are high in sugar.
4. Absent from cracks, blemishes, and rotten spots.
Source: Professional Cooking, Fifth Edition