The two major varieties of lemons are the Lisbon and Eureka.
They are so similar that even experts cannot always tell them
apart. A third variety, the slightly less acidic Meyer lemon, is
grown in many back yards in the Western states. Since it does
not ship well, it is not grown commercially.
It took the California Gold Rush of 1849 to establish the
commercial lemon industry. The California miners found that
this excellent source of Vitamin C was important to keep them
healthy. It’s amazing to know that the lemon was so prized that
they sold for more than a dollar a piece over 150 years ago.
Tips: Rinse lemons under clean, running tap water just before
cutting. To preserve the fresh appearance of lemon wedges after
cutting, refrigerate in covered container. Refrigerated wedges
will stay fresh up to four days. Whole lemons will keep for two