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8084 Mechanicsville  Turnpike, Mechanicsville VA

(804) 746-8370

Creating baked goods from scratch for the local Virgina area since 1911

If you are looking for a bakery that offer a wide variety of scratch bakery goods, this is the spot.  Ron Williams and his crew create the fresh baked goods daily

Hours: Tues-Fri 6 AM – 6 PM, Sat 6AM – 5PMSat ( Don keeps with his dad’s philosophy of ” if I can’t make a living in 5 days, I need to find something else to do”)

Bake good include assorted donuts, cookies, brownies, eclairs, danish, cream horns, bar cookies.  Then there’s the 14 varieties of fresh pies and tarts, fresh yeast breads, including biscuits, dinner rolls and assorted bread loaves.

Don’t forget their wide variety and creativity of decorated cakes and wedding cakes.

Debbie and I stopped in late June 2015. had the privilege of touring the bakeshop and watch the staff hard at work.  We tried an assortment of bakery items.  Everything was outstanding and very fresh.

I told Debbie that this is the kind of bakery everyone wished was in their town.

Don and crew, keep up the great job, see you the next time through!!!!!!!!!

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