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The Donut Shop The donut shop 2


(315) 357-6421
Rt 28 North
Eagle Bay, NY
8 miles past the town of Old Forge, NY

“The Donut Shop” is located in the Western side of the Adirondack Mountains in New York state. This is a very popular vacation destination for thousands of vacationers yearly.

The shop is open year round, they take the month of November off for their vacation. The shop is open daily 7AM – 3PM, closed on Wednesdays from September to June.

What makes this donut shop different from your average donut shop is that they only offer two choices of donuts, plain and cinnamon cake donuts. Yes I said it right just two choices! Why mess with perfection?

The present owners Dave & Pat Rowe bought the shop in 2003 from the original owner, who had owned the shop for 30+ years. In this short time of owning the shop they have sold over 1 million donuts.

The donuts are made fresh several times a day. We bought a dozen, half & half. They were fresh, tasty and outstanding!

Let me share a quick story with you that the owner shared with me. She said a lady came to the window one day and asked “what kind of donuts do you have?” The owner said, “plain and cinnamon.” The lady was appalled, saying, “No jelly? No cream filled? No glazed? How can you call yourself a donut shop?” She went to her car, and her husband soon returned and apologized for his wife and bought a dozen donuts.

Not 10 minutes later a young girl pulls up and comes to the window and said, “I used to live in the area, but I now live in Texas.” She said that she had just gotten into town and had not been home yet, her first stop had to be The Donut Shop, “for some of their great donuts.” The owner kindly said, “Thank you and I wish you could have been here 10 minutes ago.”

I thought that this was a humorous story. I’ll take a dozen donuts please!