Project Description

Spaldings Bakery


760 Winchester Rd
Lexington, KY 40505
Hours: Closed Mon & Tues, Wed-Sun 6:30AM to Noon

This a gold mine of a bakery, or better said a “great find.” Spalding’s Bakery has been in business since 1959, making themselves a landmark in the Lexington area. The day we were there the doors did not stop, customer after customer came in. They are not located in a plaza or downtown walking traffic area. The customers have to drive to them, for them. They are in the city on a very popular road across the street from the home of “JIFFY Peanut Butter” at the Smucker’s plant.

They have been using the same time tested recipes for years. They make specialty cakes—-many on display for pick up and others for special order. They make their original glazed donut, chocolate glazed, a variety of cake donuts, apple fritters, long johns and muffins. The cinnamon buns and sticky buns looked wonderful. Brownies and bar cookies, such as their “Gooey butter bars” are also very popular items.
Debbie and I tried a pumpkin muffin, gooey butter bar, and apple Danish. Very good, keep up the great work!