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2008 Lafayette Blvd  Fredricksburg, VA 22401


Store Hours:   Tuesday – Saturday   5:30am – 5:30pm


Online store          website

Donuts anyone!   If you are looking for donuts, cookies, brownies, breads, pies and cakes you have found the right place.

Where do you start at this bakery, they make over 20 different donuts, several cookies and brownies.  If you want a cinnamon buns, quick breads  or assorted yeast rolls, they have them.

They offer a variety of fresh made pies, with many made for the holidays.

Cake decorating is one of their popular features at the bakery.  They can make a cake for almost any occasion.


Debbie and I stopped in late June 2015.  We tried a few donuts (wow!) Everything we tried was outstanding.  The chain donut shops can’t touch this kind of quality and freshness.

Keep up the good work, see you next time we are in the area!!!

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