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2855 Lincoln Hwy E (Hwy 30), Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-9571
(just outside Lancaster, PA, Amish country)

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Buffet, full menu w/ waitress service.
Owned and operated by Mennonites, great home cooking, homemade desserts.

THIS IS WERE THE LOCALS EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been there 3 times, 1 lunch & 2 dinner meals, great service. Made another trip in Oct 2014, still going strong!

Price a very reasonable, average diner prices. This is were the locals eat. When we were there for dinner, they were full and gave us a beeper, and said we could go walk the local shops around the restaurant and a table would be ready 20 minutes. We got beeped in about 20 minutes.

This is a must stop for my wife and I when we go to Amish Country  This is not one of those $30.00 plus mega buffets or mega family style restaurant.

*** I WAS BACK *** Debbie and I stopped back in late June 2015 for