Project Description

Carrot Tree Kitchens

 1782 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg, Virgina


If you are looking for a scratch bakery with a good variety, you need to stop by the Carrot Tree Bakery.  Yes they are know for Debi famous carrot cake, but they don’t stop there. Fresh made cookies, pies,muffins, bars and assorted cakes fill the display case. They had one pie that you need to try, SWEET TEA pie, yes you read it right SWEET TEA pie.  Debbie and I tried a piece and it was great, you can actually taste tea in this sweet chess style pie.

Debbie and I selected a few bake good to go! A slice of the sweet tea pie, carrot bread sandwich (2 slices of carrot bread with a white cream in the middle), an oatmeal cookie.


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