Project Description

Bracken Mountain Bakery Bracken Mountain Bakery 1


42 South Broad Street
Bervard, NC 28712
Owners: Bill & Debbie Tellman

Hours of operations
Summer Hours (May-­October)
Mon-­Fri 7:30 -­ 5:00, Sat 8:00 -­ 5:00
Winter Hours (November -­ April)
Tues -­ Fri 7:30 -­ 5:00 Sat 8:00 -­ 5:00

Specializing in both breads and sweets. They have a large variety of freshly made breads, no preservatives, made with organic flours and many other organic ingredients. The pastries have Bracken Mountain’s own personal touch, with items such as scones, lime coconut danish, good intention cookies, almond-­filled croissants and maple walnut sticky buns.

They have a cafe area, where you can enjoy a coffee, espresso or cappuccino with your fresh baked pastries or breads. We enjoyed a Banana Pecan Scone and a Cinnamon Roll with Orange Cardamon Icing

The bread selection of fresh baked organic breads is one of best I have found. Some of many choices are: Sunflower Oat, Honey Cracked Wheat, Country French, German Seeded Rye, Spelt Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, California Mission Bread, Buttermilk Sandwich Bread.

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