Project Description

 Bird in Hand bakery 1

(717) 768-1501
2715 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

This bakery has a wide variety of bake goods from yeast & cake donuts, cookies, muffins, pies, cakes, etc. The bakery is a very popular stop for both locals and visitors coming to the Lancaster area. Being located in a community such as Lancaster, with its rich history of Amish families, they offer many of the local favorites.

We had an apple fritter (apple fritters have to be my favorite baked good, and the didn’t let me down)and two kinds of muffins. We also bought a 10 inch blueberry pie w/ Dutch crumb topping, to take to my Dad’s. The pie was great!!

We stopped on Oct 10, 2010. They had the place filled with baked goods, ceiling to floor (almost). I asked the girl if they would sell all this today. She said that Columbus day weekend was their second busiest weekend after Thanksgiving for them.

Stopped into the Bakery in June 2015. Had to take a second look.  They had total renovated the building in late 2014.  They add a dining room, add homemade ice cream and in-large th