Project Description

10698 N. Bay Shore Drive 
Sister Bay, WI 54234

Open daily 6am – 8pm

We had planned to eat at a different restaurant that Al Johnson that night. I had looked up restaurants on Goggle maps and picked our restaurant about 6 months before our trip. When we go there on June 3, 2019, they hadn’t opened for the season. That’s “OK”, because we found a “gem” of a restaurant at AL JOHNSON”S.

Al Johnson opened the restaurant in 1949, were he was the chief cook and bottle washer. The restaurant has transformed into an iconic restaurant that is a destination for both tourist and locals.

The restaurant has a grass roof were they have goats living during the day. I’m not joking, go to the website and see the webcams of the goats.

They are a Swedish restaurant offering authentic Swedish dishes from scratch. The dining room transported you to Sweden. The wait staff were all dressed in Swedish clothing.  Service was great, wait staff were very knowledgeable about the restaurant and the dishes they offered.

Debbie had fresh made potato sausage with red cabbage, mashed potatoes w/ maple brown gravy and sauteed green beans. I enjoyed there Swedish pancakes with a side of Swedish meatballs. I know you are thinking this was an odd combination, but it was the Tuesday night special. Now this Swedish pancake isn’t anything like our American pancake. Its like a large crepes that has been folded, but taste like a pancake. WOW!, what a flavor. They also have their own Swedish pancake syrup to eat with it.

If you ever get to Sisters Bay, Wisconsin, you need to put Al Johnson’s on your schedule.