Project Description

A piece of the pie 2 A piece of pie bakery


(828) 693-­4600
540 North Main Street
Hendersonville, NC

(828) ­281-­9994
58 Wall Street
Asheville, NC

This was a great find in Hendersonville, NC. The pie shop is located in the popular shopping area on main street. They make all their pies with 100% natural ingredients every morning. They use fresh cherries, blueberries and limes in their pies and an all butter crust. They offer a good variety of the old favorites and some new and unique 10 inch deep dish pies.

Pie varieties:
Apple pie with 8 granny smith apples in every pie
Pumpkin, fresh pumpkin
Cherries-fresh and tart
Key Lime-fresh limes
French silk- bakers chocolate and home made whipped cream
Peanut butter- fresh peanut butter and homemade whipped cream
they also have 4-1/2 inch mini pies, along with turnovers and fried turnovers made from homemade puff pastry

Is your mouth watering yet?

We had a mini cherry pie and a fried apple turnover. What a pie!!!