Project Description

375 Eleanor Dr, Centreville, MI 49032

Open: Mon-Fri 6am – 6pm   Sat. 6am – 4pm

An open floor plan of a combination bulk food store, full operation bakery, deli, restaurant and garden shop.

Offer their small community with an amazing selection of freshly made, Amish style dishes.

We stopped for the bakery and to eat dinner. I found them on the web and said this is a must stop. Please check out their website, and watch their promotional video, it will “blow you mind”

They bakery is large offer a wide variety of donuts, cookies, freshly baked breads and pies.

You can dine in at their 100 plus seat dining room. They have complete meals, including meals, sides and salads. If you are eating lite you can enjoy their salad bar. Of course all their meals can be plated for takeout.

Debbie and I visited in late May 2019. We enjoyed a couple doughnuts and a muffin.