Project Description

1749 E County Rd 1900 N #B, Arthur, IL 61911

Open: Mon-Sat 9am – 5pm

This is a great bakery! When you walk through the door and see the rustic country theme, you know you are in for something great.

They are a three fold operation, a seed company called “homestead Seeds”, a pumpkin patch called “homestead Pumpkin Patch” and of course the bakery.

They use old fashion Amish recipes. Of course they are in the middle of “Illinois Amish Country” there in Arthur Il.

They have a variety of cookies, cut out cookies, and cinnamon rolls. They have a great selection of yeast rolls, and assorted varieties of yeast breads

As you can see by the photos below, they a;so make a variety of angel food cakes.

They also sell homemade jellies and local craft items.

Debbie and I visited in early June 2019.  We tried a cinnamon roll and a couple cookies.