Project Description

1436 East Dixie Drive, Asheboro, NC


Facebook:  the donut bar

We stopped on Oct 17, 2015.  We were traveling though the area on vacation and saw the sign.  We were so glad.  Grand opening was Oct 1, 2015.


They are a donut shop, doing donuts right.  The display case looked like a work of art.

They bake many of the popular varieties, such as glazed, chocolate dipped glaze, iced glaze, several glazed and powdered filled donuts.  On of my favorites, apple fritters.  They also had a pumpkin fritter and iced Long Johns.

They do something different that I have not see at any other donut shop.  They fill the donuts after you order them, you choose the filling you want and they fill them right there for you.  Something different, I like it.

Debbie and I tried a cream filled chocolate dipped, a maple Long John and a pumpkin fritter.

Great job, wish you the best in your new venture!!!

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