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215 Dover road NW Sugar Creak, Ohio, 44681.


I enjoy all the restaurants that I write about, but sometimes you visit a restaurant that just knocks it out of the park. Well this is one of these restaurants.

Visited on a Sunday evening, in late May 2019. The place was buzzing with customers of all ages.

What makes this place so special is their attention to detail. They grow and order only organic produce from local farmers and grow a lot on their own farm. Locally raised chickens, nitrate-free ham, and locally made pepperoni are just a few of their locally made products. and yes even their cheeses are made locally without added coloring or preservatives.

They have 5 choices of salad entrees and a simple side salad. Debbie and I enjoyed an “ITALIAN SALAD” romaine and baby lettuces, shaved Parmesan, crispy old world pepperoni, whole black olives, red onion, grape tomatoes, rainbow carrots, Italian basil dressing. We also ordered a side of house blackberry balsamic dressing to try it also.

They have 11 choices of named pizzas but you can create you own also, we enjoyed a small half and half “PRIMO PEPPERONI” old world pepperoni and traditional pepperoni, mozzarella, provolone, Parmesan and oregano.  “CALABRESE & SAUSAGE Organic Italian sausage from Sweet Meadows Farm, spicy Calabrese peppers, chopped garlic, fresh mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil.

The homemade crust is a hand tossed style, that is so light that you think you are eating an (savory) unsweet donut or a  puff pastry. The crust is so good, but hard to describe. 

You can also order appetizers, they call them “shareables” and assorted fresh sandwiches.

I just about forgot the wings, we enjoyed a 5 pieces order of “sweet & spicy. They were wonderful,  nice size and seasoned just right.

The prices were very good! You place  your order at the counter and they give you your glasses and an electronic gizmo that you place on your table.

Debbie said it was the best pizza ever!  I asked her how about that (**********) pizzeria we love to eat at near the house?  She smiles and said they just got bumped to #2. Sorry (**********) pizzeria, we still love ya!

This is not a chain restaurant. They have one store and put 100% into this operation to make it the very best.

This is Debbie piping in… To say this was good, no Great pizza is an understatement. It was so lusciously delicious. WOW!!! That crust is to die for!!!

We revisited in early spring 2021 with another couple from NC.  Was as great as the first time. Enjoyed, chicken wings, shared a large salad and 2 pizzas.

Yes! we revisited again in early August 2022.  We ate there 2 nights in a row. As good as our other trips.

I brag about this restaurant more than any I have ever eaten at. I share it with my culinary students of a model of success, a smart business plan and great customer service.