Project Description

405 N Main St, Bloomington, IL 61701

Open:  Mon-Sat 7am – 5pm, Sunday 8am – 4pm

A new bakery in Bloomington, Il, that has quickly become a popular destination for a variety of freshly baked goods.

They offer a variety of cookies, including chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar and many other daily selections.

They have become know for their assortment of scones.

They do offer a variety of “GLUTEN FREE” baked goods for those that are looking for these items.

They offer cinnamon buns, muffins and other daily selections.

They are know for their iced sugar cookies.

Debbie and I stopped on June 7, 2019 “National Donut Day” They didn’t run out of doughnuts like many shops did. Because the own said they wanted to be a little different and not offer donuts. 

They do make a sour dough cake donut for the customers pleasure.

As you can see the box we tried a couple muffin, sugar cookies and a scone. Outstanding!