Project Description

1038 E Wheeling Ave, Cambridge, OH 43725

Open: Mon-Thur 6am -8pm   Fri-Sat 6am -9pm     Sun 7am – 4 pm

Breakfast served all day!

Let’s start with the breakfast menu. Large selection of pancakes and waffles, you can get them with fruit and chips in them or on top.  You can choice from 12 different omelets or have them cook up your own creation. Eggs plates, eggs Benedict and biscuits and gravy are just some of the breakfast dishes available.

Lunch and dinner menus are as large as the breakfast menu. You can choice from dinner salads, burgers, hot and cold sandwiches, pita sandwiches, homemade soups, chicken and fish plates.

If you want a dinner entree, your selections are plentiful. Grilled steaks, pasta dishes, seafood plates, Mediterranean dishes, specialty dishes and a selection of chicken dishes.

They have banquet rooms that can seat 420 guest.  They have recently opened a ice cream parlor, offer a large variety of hand scoop ice cream.  They also of a variety of sundaes, floats and shakes.

Debbie enjoyed a house salad.  I enjoyed  a” Camel Rider”  ( Francis deli’s famous steak or chicken pita! Sliced beef or grilled chicken covered in fried onions and peppers, melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and our special sauce, served on pita bread).  I asked the waiter, how the sandwich and sauce got its name.He went to find out and brought the owner back with him. The owner said that him dad migrated to America from the Mideast in the early 60’s and opened a restaurant. One of his dad’s  food salesman use to pick on him for fun, calling him a “camel rider” and a “towel head”. After a  few years his dad created a steak pita sandwich with his homemade sauce and called it the “Camel Rider”