Project Description

522 Dover Rd NE, Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681       

Sunday – Monday: CLOSED  Tuesday: 7am – 9pm    Wednesday: 7am – 2pm     Thursday: 7am – 2pm    Friday: 7am – 2pm  Saturday: 7am – 5pm

What I admire the most about the owners is they are Christians and have chosen to give the store to the Lord.  The Mission Statment isn’t something you see often.

In June of 2014 The owners were presented the opportunity of purchasing Amish Country Donuts (Mobile Unit).  The mobile unit featured the “Original” sourdough donut dipped in our light maple flavored glaze. They set a e goal to open a store within 5 years.  That dream has come true and they have a thriving restaurant serving up there  7 inch maple glazed “Original” sourdough donut along with several other flavors of donuts, all of them containing the same sourdough base.

They have created a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that is very popular with the locals and the many visting tourist that come through the Sugarcreek area. 

They are a coffee shop with a full menu, you are sure to find your favorite amoung the list.  If you are looking for a smoothie, hand dipped ice cream or a milkshake, step right up they have it for you.

Take the time to stop and relax in thier very spacious  diningroom and lounge area.

I wish we had this place in my area, We enjoyed the “original”