Project Description

1003 Herricksville Rd, Quincy, MI 49082

Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm   Closed Sundays

A small Amish bakery  located on the back roads of Quincy.

They a have a small variety of pies, cookies and cakes.  She also makes jellies and jams.

Talking to Betty (the baker), she said they are old time Amish, they do not have running water, electricity or bathrooms in the house or store. I asked if those 2 grayish boxes were her ovens, she said “yes”. I asked if they were LP gas, she replied ” no, kerosene, and my stove tops are also kerosene”  I told her that I have seen them in antique shops but never in use.  You could not smell kerosene nor could you taste it in the cookies we bought.

Betty has been running the bakery for 22 years and said that she had a very good following from local Amish families and non Amish that lived in the area.

We stopped in Late May 2019.