Project Description


1001 Elizabeth Street
Nicholasville, KY 40356
(859) 881-0703

At Tnt BBQ their slogan is “The best butts in town.” They have competed in several contests and were on a team that won Grand Champion in Desoto County, MS.

They offer pulled BBQ pork plates, nachos and sandwiches that are very flavorful, and well presented. The menu doesn’t stop with BBQ, they also have Big-T-BBQ burger, Hoagie Rolls, Steak Philly, Chicken Philly, salads and make your own nachos. I like that they kept their menu simple so they could focus on their specialty BBQ. They make a macaroni and cheese with 3 cheeses and shell noodles that is very popular. Don’t let the small store front fool you, there’s big BBQ inside.

We both had the BBQ pork sandwich, Debbie had baked beans and M & C, I had fries and M & C. I tried a little sauce on my BBQ but you didn’t need it. The BBQ stands on it’s own, the smoke flavor from the slow cooking is outstanding. Keep up the great work!